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RAW and Pollywood

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Source: BBC

According to Pashto film director, Ajab Gul, the shoddy state of the Pashto film industry is because; “… Raw (India’s Research and Analysis Wing) trying to kill us off because they couldn’t compete with Pashtun culture and language,”

err!? and how exactly was RAW doing that? by bribing Mullahs to ban music and beating up musicians?

While for Hindus dance is the way of the divine, for Muslims its still up for debate whether music is haram or halal. Because of this, Bollywood has an overwhelming advantage over Pollywood, which is its acceptability in its society. With that acceptability comes an appreciation and respect for its talent, and with that respect it is able to get the best that its society has to offer.

Where as for our film industry the people that it gets are usually those who dont care about being labeled “Mirasi” (minstrel) or are those who already have the label, making it a very small pool.

No RAW engineered plans needed to plop Pollywood, its condition is a reflection of its status in the society that it aims to entertain.


Written by Imran Khan

November 16, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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