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Ostriches and Drones

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These days ostriches come in two varieties; feathery grey, and hairy green. But the difference between the two stops at outward appearances, because the two react very similarly when faced with danger, i.e. by burying their heads. So, as Pakistan faces rising terrorist attacks  our very own green ostriches dig their heads deeper and concentrate on drones.

Consider this interview by one Sardar Saurang Singh from Bunair. Speaking at an anti drone rally arranged by PTI, Mr. Singh uses the cliches of “Mulki Salimiyaat” and “Ghairat” etc and as a Pakistani Sikh proudly makes a vow that he will not allow any “bud amaani” (chaos) to prevail in Pakistan.

But this “bud amani” is a pretty tricky word. For most of Imran Khan’s supporters residing in Pakistan’s urban centers, this “bud amani” does not necessarily mean a beheading in Liberty Chowk Lahore, or a public lashing in Kohisar Market Islamabad. This relative safety then gives them the luxury to sit back and ponder about the “real” reasons behind this “bud amani”, and can actually afford to buy the opium laden choran that is being sold by PTI.

But being a Sikh from Bunair, Mr. Singh’s threat perception is certainly very bewildering. I mean, he must recall the threat that Bunair faced from the Taliban, right after the Swat Accord. He must also realize that The Swat Accord is exactly the sort of a thing, that Mr. Khan of the PTI has in mind when he proposes his solution of “talking to the Taliban”.  Speaking of “Mulki Salimiat” did Mr. Singh think of the security of the Sikhs of Pakistan? I mean its okay for some one like Zohair Toru to dare the blistering sun when it comes to the issue of Raymond Davis while at the same time be completely indifferent to the Sikh exodus from FATA. But for a Pakistani Sikh like Mr. Singh, does the threat really come from drones? or does it come from the Taliban who would want Sikhs like Mr. Singh to be reduced to jaziya paying dhimmis?

Some time back, the Chairman of PTI declared all the news about the Taliban’s destruction of schools as well as beheading at their hands as mere Government Propaganda.  A “propaganda” that also included the beheading of one Jaspal Singh, a sikh from Khyber Agency. From the point of view of the Taliban there is no difference between Jaspal Singh and Saurendar Singh, and for this reason, I personally am wishing that Mr. Saurendar Singh is one of those marketing gimmicks planted by our agencies to support their new blue eyed boy, because if that is not the case, then we surely are doomed.


Written by Imran Khan

August 7, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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