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This is my first try at animation. But I cant claim any of the animated bits. This video was made at this website: http://www.xtranormal.com, they call themselves a “text to movie” website, i.e. you write the text, chose the characters and point out the camera angles and you have a movie right there.

I wrote a series of duologues some times back, under my pen name Adam Khan, at http://www.chowk.com. The aim was to point out obvious conflicts between the lifestyles and beliefs of some of our rich, urban “socialists”.

There are two characters in this video, the first is Khasi, who is a marketing professor as well as a champion of Marxism, while the other is Khabees, who is simply smitten by Khasi’s command of the English language, and thus believes everything coming out of Khasi’s mouth to be the ultimate truth. But Khasi is not always happy with Khabees’s interpretation of Khasi’s ideas.

Note: The website had a lot of amazing options; for voices they even had a choice for accents. But while they had the Indian American Accent for women, there was none men. That is why Khabees might sound feminine, but he is supposed to be a guy in this video.


Written by Imran Khan

December 17, 2010 at 6:59 am

Posted in Animation, Marxism

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